‘Painting on Wheels’ & ’Artemia Arti’ / My Home zaandam / 2011
Exhibited was the account of a temporary project in the Rosmolenbuurt in Zaandam; The presentation of a filmed performance of the roller-skaters of the Zaanse Roller Club ZRC, skating on Frank Zappa’s music. Inspired by live projections of micro-organisms, the young ladies painted a number of grand action-paintings. The project was part of ‘Fluxus My Home’ in Zaandam whereby artist worked in cooperation with people from the neighborhood.
The video ‘Artemia Arti’ was a spinoff of the original performance.
In corporation with Inge van Gils and Robert Rizzo.
video painting on wheels
video Artemia Arti
top Video-presentation in showroom of My Home Workshop with painting and skating girls Workshop with painting and skating girls Artemia Arti, live performance in showroom of My Home
peter van der heijden
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