'Bad Prinsenhof and other stories' / Prinsenhof Leidschendam /2006
An art project for two entrance-halls of renovated dwellings at the Juliana van Stolberglaan in Leidschendam.
The heart of the plan is that for a number of times the entrance-hall was changed in a completely different space as in an extreme makeover. For one day only, using decorations, props and furniture, the entrance-hall was changed into a new space. For some of these transformations I asked the participation of the tenants. On other occasions they were guests in my temporary studio.
Enlarged photo's of these transformations are the final artwork and are placed in the entrance-halls. In total I made 12 transformations in two entrance-halls.
Size entrance-hall: 9 x 7 x 4 m.
Material: 7 Epson-prints on Dibond in wooden frames, an information-display and a wooden seat in each entrance-hall.
Commissioned by: Project bureau Prinsenhof and WoonInvest
top ‘Amalia Boogie-woogie’ / 7-12-2005 ‘Circus Ranko’ / 04-02-2006 Station Den Haag Mariahoeve’ / 01-05-2006 'A' / 21-02-2006 ‘Bad Prinsenhof’ / 14-03-2006 ‘Van Stolberg Kabinet’ / 19-04-2006 ‘1 Mei’ / 01-05-2006 ‘Hotel Juliana’ / 16-05-2006
peter van der heijden
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