‘Collection Museum I DID IT MY HOME’ / Rosmolen neighborhood Zaandam / 2009-2010

The Collection Museum was focused on visual arts and the passion of collecting. I DID IT MY HOME showed the mania of collecting and had the characteristics of a genuine museum, with changing collections, guided tours and a museum store.
The collections and objects were personal possessions of the participating artist; Erik Fens, Frank Halmans, Nicole van der Heijden, Peter van der Heijden, Paul Vendel and Mark Volger.
The museum organized temporary exhibitions and special events, guided tours for school classes and Sunday afternoon “salons”. People of the Rosmolen neighborhood were invited to show their own collections.
video Verzamelmuseum I DID IT MY HOME
Collection-Museum IDIDITMYHOME
Museum shop and first hall
‘Un tour nommé Eiffel’, installation, mixed media, 600 x 240 cm
‘Folklore Eekhoorn’, assemblage object, 35 x 27 x 16 cm
‘Rheinlauf’, installation assemblage, 800 x 250 cm, about 65 leporello’s
Museum overview first floor
peter van der heijden
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