‘I am a little space’ / Museum der Unerhörten Dinge Berlin / 2009

In continuation of they’re cooperation in Amsterdam at the Natuurlijk Museum (2007) Peter van der Heijden, Erik Fens and Marc Volger exhibited in the Berlin Museum of Roland Albrecht. To realise a broad and monumental group exhibition in this tiny museum they invited Els Bannenberg, Frank Halmans and Paul Vendel to join the project.
The six artists showed objects, that were made especially for this exhibition. They invited the visitor to zoom in and focus in order to appreciate and experience the full size and value of the shown objects. In “I am a little space” the minuscule was magnified and the “cosmic large” was been presented in a comprehensible size, alongside the works of Roland Albrecht.
Notions of scale, size and proportion were being thrown in space and landed safely; “Scale sucks”

video I am a little space
top Museum overview Museum overview ‘Agenda-Legenda’ assemblage, 60 x 85 cm Roland Albrecht dancing at the vernissage Vernissage ‘I am a little space’
peter van der heijden
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